mapWater Softeners from Chris West.

I supply and fit Harvey Water Softeners. I chose this softener because it is the best water softener available. I am not tied to any particular manufacturer so I can give a fairly balanced view of the products available. During the five years I have been fitting and researching water softeners on my client’s behalf as well as my own, I have not seen a product that can match the Harvey softener for results, reliability or overall life cycle cost.

Water Hardness

Hard water is water supplied to your home which contains Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium at quantities over 120ppm or parts per million. Water supplied in the Swindon, Highworth and Wroughton areas is classified as hard or very hard. This water is generally at around 250ppm. For information on your water hardness and other water quality issues you can visit the Thames Water website. Click here

Water softeners, why bother?

  • The life of garments can be extended by 50% through washing them in soft water
  • More than 50% less detergent is required when using soft water.
  • A Family of 4 can save more than £600.00 per year in shopping bills and household running costs.
  • Showers, taps and kettles do not become scaled up
  • The life of your Boiler(heat exchanger), washing machine, dishwasher, hot water cylinder, pipe work and valves will be hugely extended.
  • Without scale your boiler and/or hot water cylinder will be more efficient.

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  • The softened water will remove scale from your pipes.
  • Your skin and hair feels softer and cleaner when washed in soft water
  • With savings on plumbing and soap products a water softener will pay for itself in two to three years at the latest.
  • The softener can be easily moved if you decide to move home.