Why A Water Softener, What About Electric and Magnetic Water Conditioners?

Water softenersThese products do not remove hardness from your water. They can be useful placed in line just before an electric shower or a boiler. They reduce scale by putting a charge in the water and altering the shape of hardness crystals. However this effect is temporary and is lost when water flow stops for more than 30 minutes. Any stored water in cylinders and tanks will return to the same condition as before.

Is hard water better to drink?

Studies show that it is better to drink hard water. Calcium and Magnesium are essential minerals in your diet and drinking hard water will make a contribution to the amounts needed to be healthy. A hard water tap will be left after installation so that you can continue to drink hard water. Drinking softened water is not harmful but babies and people on low sodium diets should not drink softened water.

Can these claims be proved?

I have a small portable water softener and I will be happy to demonstrate the effects and benefits using your water in your home. The demonstration takes 20 minutes and there is no pressure to buy a water softener what so ever. Please fill in the request form and email it back. I will be happy to show you.

Buying a Water Softener

The cost of buying and running a softener

I will be happy to quote for a water softener if you will kindly email the auto quote back to me.

So how did I come to the figure of saving over £600 a year for a family, see the table below:

A family of four will save money in the following areas:

Hot Water (energy) £56.00
Plumbing and Appliances (wear and tear costs) £175.20
Expenditure on household personal and laundry items £421.36
Less estimated annual salt requirements -£50.00

Click here to see detailed breakdown of the figures.

Why this machine over other water softeners?

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